Paper and Board

White Display Boards

Suitable for screenprint our 2-sided grey centred display boards are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses from 750 to 2000micron.

Ideal for POS displays and showcards.

Foam Centred Boards

Lightweight foam centred boards are ideal for hanging displays, mounted presentations, display panels, exhibitions, etc.

Available in 3mm 5mm and 10mm, in sizes from A2 to 1020 x 1525mm.

We also stock Black A1 5mm.

DayGlo Paper and Board

The original fluorescent poster paper.

100gsm in 5 colours - Saturn Yellow, Blaze, Sunset Orange, Flash Green and Aurora Pink.

Sheets 510 x 760mm, 760 x 1020mm. Rolls 760mm x 10m.

Saturn Yellow and Blaze available in rolls 760mm x 50m and 1040mm x 50m.

350mic Boards stocked in all 5 colours 510 x 635mm.

DayGlo Copier

100gsm Laser suitable Fluorescent Copier Paper A4 and A3 size. Yellow, Orange, Red, Green and Pink.

Ingersley Ticket Boards

A range of 1-sided coloured boards 1250mic thick used mainly for rosette centres.

Available in 25 colours 510 x 635mm.

Colourmount Boards

Mount boards for picture framing in a huge range of colours.

We stock the standard cream core pH neutral range but Conservation white core acid free are available to order together with Museum board, Pearlescents, Linen finish, Black Core.

Kraft Wrapping

Pure MG Ribbed Kraft. Sheets 70gsm 900 x 1150mm. Rolls 90gsm 900mm wide x 200m.

White Tissue

White Cap Acid Free Tissue paper. 500 x 750mm.

Poster Paper

Educraft 1-sided coloured poster paper 100gsm. Rolls 760mm x 50m.

Showcard Struts

Grey struts to prop up display showcards in sizes ranging from 90mm to 720mm. White or black also available to order.

Box Board

One sided cream backed White Lined Folding Box Board. Stocked in 500mic.

Grey Board

Smooth Grey Pasteboard for backing/packaging. Stocked 1750mic 760 x 1020mm.